All About Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile)

Agapanthus, aka Lily of the Nile, are iconic perennials. With their huge colorful bloom clusters, you know ’em when you see ’em. There’s a lot to know about them, though. So I’ve done my best to compile almost everything you need to know about Agapanthus in this post! If you’re looking for a care guide, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Hostas


Hostas (aka Plantain Lilies) are some of the most well-known landscaping perennials around for gardeners in the United States. But it wasn’t always that way. Ride along with me as I cover everything you need to know about these dynamic landscaping workhorses! If you’re looking for a care guide, check out my post on Hosta Care. […]

Do Agapanthus Multiply? All About How Lily of the Nile Spread

do agapanthus multiply

Maybe you just planted some new Lily of the Nile plants and you’re wondering if they’ll fill in your garden with new plants. So, do Agapanthus multiply? Yes! Agapanthus multiply by sending out underground stems called Rhizomes. These stems emerge from the ground as new plants that are identical to the original plant. Despite being […]

Where To Plant Agapanthus & When + Other FAQs

lily of the nile where to plant agapanthus

Have you just acquired some new Lily of the Nile plants and now you’re wondering where to plant Agapanthus for best results? Well I’m going to cover that question in detail, right here! Soil: Plant your Agapanthus in rich soil with good drainage. Avoid areas that frequently have standing water. Sun: Lily of the Nile […]

When Do Agapanthus Flower? Plus, 4 Other Lily of the Nile Bloom FAQs

when do agapanthus flower?

So if you’ve found yourself looking out the window at your Lily of the Nile plants and wondering, “When Do Agapanthus Flower?” I have a thorough answer just for you. Though the exact time will vary by breed, Agapanthus will start to bloom between late spring and late summer. Some varieties will still be blooming […]

How to Prepare Hostas for Winter & Other Winterizing Hosta FAQs

how to prepare hostas for winter

So if you find yourself here, you’re probably a responsible gardener who is asking the right questions! Read along as I cover how to prepare Hostas for winter. There are three main phases to preparing your Hostas for winter. First, water your Hostas regularly each week in fall (roughly an inch of water). They need […]

How To Make Hostas Grow BIGGER (And Faster)

how to make hostas grow bigger

One question that I see come up from time-to-time is that people want to know how to make Hostas grow bigger. So I’m going to do my best to answer that question in detail! To achieve maximum growth potential, Hostas need soil that’s rich in organic matter, regular water (at least an inch of water […]

Which Hostas Like Sun? And Other Hosta Sun FAQs

People know Hostas for their shade-tolerant nature. But what if you love Hostas and you don’t have much shade? Which Hostas Like Sun? Yellow (and variegated yellow) Hostas like sun more than other varieties. Breeds with thicker leaves and highly textured/ridged leaves also handle sun better than thin-leafed varieties. Some examples include: Sum and Substance, […]

Are Hostas Edible for Humans or Pets? Are They Deer-Resistant?

Have you found yourself asking the question, “Are Hostas edible?” Perhaps someone told you they were and the idea seems almost absurd, so you find yourself here. Well, I’m going to give you the answer, right here and right now. Yes, all parts of the Hosta are edible for humans. New shoots are the best-tasting […]

Do Hostas Flower? Plus Answers To 9 Other Hosta Bloom Questions

Hostas are primarily grown for their dynamic foliage and shade-friendly nature. So if you’re new to them, it’s easy to wonder, “Do Hostas Flower?” Yes, the vast majority of Hostas produce flowers. Depending on the species, they’ll emerge somewhere between Summer and Fall. However, there are some Hosta varieties that don’t produce flowers. They are […]